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At Reputation D’Or, our foundational beliefs are not merely aspirational ideals; they are the cornerstone of who we are and how we operate. As we aim to set a new standard in recognizing football’s most prestigious clubs and players, these principles guide our judgments, influence our interactions, and underscore our dedication to the sport and its broader community. Here is our Statement of Principles, a manifesto that outlines the expectations and conduct required of everyone involved with Reputation D’Or.

Fairness: We ensure impartial evaluation of clubs and players through advanced methodologies, offering equal opportunity for recognition.

Excellence: We are dedicated to celebrating and promoting excellence within football, from on-field performance to community engagement.

Empowerment: By highlighting the influential work of clubs and players, we empower them to amplify their positive impact on society.

Independence: Reputation D’Or stands as an independent entity, free from commercial bias, focused solely on merit and impact.

Respect: We cultivate a culture of respect, recognizing the contributions of everyone in the football ecosystem, from the grassroots to the global stage.

Community Impact: Central to our mission is the acknowledgment of clubs and players who use their platforms for societal betterment, showcasing the transformative power of football.

Integrity: Ethical conduct and transparency are fundamental to our operations, ensuring trust and credibility in our awards.

Inclusivity: We champion diversity and inclusion within the football community, ensuring a wide range of perspectives are acknowledged and celebrated.

Accountability: Members of the Reputation D’Or community are expected to uphold our high standards, reflecting our collective commitment to integrity and excellence.

Transparency: Our processes, especially our use of technology in assessments, are conducted with openness, fostering trust and understanding.

Innovation: We are committed to leveraging innovative approaches to enhance the prestige of football and its societal influence.

Inspiration: Our goal is to inspire future generations, demonstrating how football can be a catalyst for positive change and unity.

Sustainability: We advocate for sustainable practices within football, aligning with our commitment to a healthier planet.

Continuous Learning and Improvement: We promote a culture of growth, encouraging ongoing development and refinement in the world of football.


Every individual associated with Reputation D’Or, from players and coaches to club officials and staff, is entrusted with living these principles. Our collective adherence to these values ensures that Reputation D’Or remains a beacon of excellence and positive impact within football.

Our Purpose and Impact

Rooted in our values is our purpose: to honor and support clubs and players in their pursuit of excellence, inspiring fans, communities, and partners across the globe. Football, in our eyes, transcends the game itself—it is a vehicle for inspiring lives and driving positive change worldwide.