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Reputation D’Or – the football reputation awards

The first unique, prestigious and independent Awards that honor the Football Clubs, Player and Leaders for their outstanding Reputation and positive impact on People.

Celebrating Football’s Finest
Each year, the Football Reputation Awards, organized by the world sport association, spotlight the exemplary figures of football who go beyond just athletic prowess. These are the players, clubs, and coaches who use their platform to champion causes, uplift communities, and forge a legacy beyond the pitch. By valuing more than just victory, the awards applaud those who integrate their love for the game with a profound commitment to societal betterment.

How Winners Are Chosen
The selection process for the Football Reputation Awards is as unique as the accolades themselves. Winners are determined through a blend of expert opinions and advanced technology. A network of esteemed professional leaders within the football world casts their votes, which are then combined with insights from sophisticated Artificial Intelligence models. These AI models analyze global opinions across major media channels, ensuring a comprehensive and unbiased evaluation of reputation.